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Simeuleu Surf Spots

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Monkey Trees

The wave directly in front of our resort. Picks up good swell when everywhere else is small or flat. Mainly lefts, with the occasional right. On the right swell direction, the left offers some really fun barrels. When the swell picks up over 3 meters, the left gets heavy and begins to slab, with a doggy-door section before shutting down near the small channel. Best bet is to score here when everywhere else is too small.

Baturundung Surf Spots

The Peak

About 15 minutes south by scooter there is the a fun A frame breaking over flat reef and sand. Works on most swells under 4 meters. The left offers a consistent barrel section when the winds are light, and the right throws up a rip-able wave with multiple turn sections. One of the more crowded spots in the area with several surf camps directly in front of the wave.

Baturundung Surf Spots

T Bags

If the forecast looks good, take a 20 minute scooter ride to a river near the airport, then hop on a boat for about 30 minutes to an outer island. On its day, this is one of the best right handers in Indonesia. Wide-open barrels running down the reef for up to 75 meters. Best on swells over 2 meters, works on all tides and southeast winds.

Dylans Right

A perfect right hander, breaking relatively close to the sharp reef. One of the better waves in the area, that can throw out long barrels and numerous turn sections. About 30 minute scooter ride from Batu Rundung. With several camps in front of the point, it can get crowded. Still possible to score uncrowded or empty sessions depending on the time you paddle out. Best with swell under 4 meters, and good even on small days.

The Slab

A 5 minute paddle out from the keyhole, on the north end of our property, lies a perfect wave for bodyboarders or bodysurfers. Consistently breaking on all swell directions, swell sizes, and tides, this wave has some perfect barrels, with an occasional air section. Very shallow wave breaking over a flat reef. On most days you will be surfing this wave by yourself, as not many people know about it.

The Right

A 10 minute paddle from the keyhole on the north end of our property. On small days this is a perfect beginner or long boarding wave, with 50 meter rides possible. When the swell picks up over 3 meters the wave turns into a machine, offering nice barrel and turn sections. The bigger the swell gets, the better this wave is. Almost always empty, and a great option for when the swell is too big for other spots.


When heading south from Batu Rundung, this spot lies at the bottom of the last hill at the bridge near the school. Always worth a check, as when this waves turns on it is one of the most fun waves in the area. Barrels, turns, and airs are all an option here onthis section of reef. Best on a mid-high tide, this is a long right hander with the occasional left. Usually empty, but there will occasionally be one or two other people in the water.


A secret wave about an hour south from our camp. Very difficult to find, but it is always empty. This spot has everything you need for an epic session. A deepwater channel divides the wave, with a left and a right that are both extremely exposed to swell. When it is 1 meter or less everywhere else, this spot picks up 3-4 meter waves. The right is similar to Lowers Trestles, and on a good wave you can manage 5 – 7 turns before ending up in the channel. Be careful of the cleanup sets here, and always paddle back to shore through the channel.

Alus Alus

A very fickle right hander about 50 minutes south of Batu Rundung. Seems to work best when the waves are under 2 meters. If you can manage to get this spot when it is good, you will find yourself in spinning barrels breaking over a shallow reef. When its on, its one of the best waves in the area.


This is a great wave for beginner to intermediate surfers, or those looking for a fun left. Generally a mushy wave, but can offer good rides away from crowds. About 40 minutes south of the resort.


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